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Meet the 420 Games Competition That Wants to Change the Perception of Cannabis

420 games

For a long time, cannabis has been stigmatized in the sporting world. Even though many professional athletes skirt the rules, most major leagues today ban the use of cannabis among their players and impose draconian punishments for those who step out of line. While the tide of popular opinion has shifted in favor of cannabis in recent years, there are still a lot of people in positions of power who adhere to the outdated stereotype that cannabis destroys motivation and makes people lazy.

Fortunately, there are a lot of new initiatives working to educate people on the truth about cannabis. One project that’s been making waves is the 420 Games, a series of cannabis-themed sporting events that travel across the country, promoting the positive effects of cannabis and staging intense competitions with amateur and professional athletes.

The 420 Games have the stated mission to change the perception of cannabis and “de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.” Some of their more popular events include their signature 420 Fun Runs, which have become annual gathering places for the cannabis communities of Denver, Portland, Boulder, and other pot-friendly cities across the country, and the decathlon which incorporates a variety of athletics into an impressive competitive spectacle.

Trellis Travels Episode 1 Teaser: What are the 420 Games?

The 3-on-3 NCBA Tournament consisted of players who work for cannabis companies. Eventually, the goal is to incorporate teams located in other states with cannabis industries and get more professional players involved. There’s no doubt that these cannabis professionals brought their all to the cause of de-stigmatizing cannabis.

Jim McAlpine: The Founder of the 420 Games

The founder of the 420 Games, Jim McAlpine, was recently present at the Trellis-backed National Cannabis Basketball Association Tournament in Los Angeles. He says he founded the games because as a lifelong athlete, he was tired of the bad reputation cannabis has in national athletics. Recently, studies have shown that cannabis can ease the pain of strenuous physical activity, and there is a growing movement to educate people about the usefulness of cannabis in exercising.

As the legalization movement rolls on, McAlpine’s vision of a world where athletes can use cannabis without having to hide it will quickly become a reality. You can catch his entire interview at the NCBA Basketball Tournament in Los Angeles in the video below.

Chris Staples Dunk at the 420 Games in Venice Beach

But amateurs weren’t the only ones involved—former Harlem Globetrotter and canna-advocate Chris Staples was also there to perform some epic dunks for the crowd. Check out one of those dunks in the video below.

The Al Harrington 420 Canni-Athlete Interview

Former pro-basketball player and cannabis entrepreneur Al Harrington also turned out to support the cause. Harrington is a strong advocate for cannabis, in part because of his experience after playing professional basketball. Oftentimes, when players are attempting to manage their injuries after their careers are over, they are turned onto risky pain-relief medications and possibly even opiates.

Harrington wants everyone to know about the medicinal properties of cannabis, which is a much safer alternative to many conventional pharmaceutical solutions. Check out what he had to say at the 420 Games in the video below.

Highlights from the NCBA 3-0n-3 Tournament at 420 Games

You can see all the highlights from the tournament in the video below…

While cannabis has been banned in most professional sports, some studies estimate that 80% of major league athletes are regular users. The 420 Games is only trying to destigmatize a condition that already exists in the world of sports, which is that cannabis use is a popular, safe and effective means of relieving pain for both professional and amateur competitors. By incorporating cannabis into athletic events, they hope to prove to the world the rationality of their position.

If there’s an underserved market of cannabis users today, it’s athletes. Though many people still fall victim to the inaccurate perception of potheads as couch potatoes and layabouts, the benefits of cannabis on physical activity is hard to ignore. Runners, deadlifters, and basketball players alike can all utilize the right amount of cannabis in their daily routines to enhance their stamina and make exercise and competitive sports less difficult.

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