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Integrate compliance into your workflow!

Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? We here to help build compliance into your every aspect of your business.


Ask us anything! Our industry experts are here to answer your questions regarding industry trends, strategy, organizational structures, operations, product development, compliance and more. With over 6 decades combined experience, our team's general advisement service provides a resource you and your team can utilize to confidently guide internal decisions. Our general advisement service is straight forward and affordable for even smaller scale operations.


Trellis assists you during the application stages for your preferred license(s). Leveraging our team’s combined experience, we have proudly assisted dozens of operators in obtaining their local and provincial / state cannabis permits, as well as CUPs and other building related permits. Regulators have diligent standards for licensing; requiring illustration of facility security, good production practices, and product track-and-traceability. Trellis has partnered with leading cannabis cultivation and processing operations across North America to successfully refine our services.

In Canada, we have experience helping clients pass both the Cultivation (Standard, Micro, or Nursery) and Processing (Standard or Micro) license process. Trellis works closely with Health Canada to stay up-to-date on regulatory updates to ensure the most effective application process for clients.

Facility Design
for Compliance

Facility design is an essential step in planning a commercial or craft cannabis production facility. Trellis assists producers with the design of their facilities, leveraging best practices from our dozens of industry leading clients. Whether it’s a greenhouse, indoor, or outdoor operation facility, Trellis has experience recommending designs which align with workflow best practices and which meet compliance regulatory and bylaw requirements.


Trellis assists clients build effective operations and create a recognizable brand within the industry. We work collaboratively with your team’s leaders throughout the business lifecycle developing strategy and planning operations. Our team of seasoned business consultants take a holistic approach to ensure that you are operating in compliance and in the interest of longevity.


Compliance is crucial to ensuring your operation will stand up to regulatory scrutiny. Our team has worked side-by-side with regulators to develop our compliant supply chain solution, these close relationships offer our team unique insight into what it takes to build a compliant industry leading business. We provide advisory services and practical solutions to mitigate and remediate compliance and regulatory risk, assessing your operations using our comprehensive, operation specific audit checklists. Our Audits address regulatory requirements from all applicable regulatory agencies in your jurisdiction and leverage industry best practices including cGMP and Six Sigma, providing a comprehensive audit summary with recommendations for improvement.


We understand that your Standard Operating Procedures are the road-map and game-plan of your operations, making their integrity paramount. SOPs are not created overnight; they require attention to detail and an investigation into your key business processes.
There are SOPs related to all aspects of your cannabis operation - whether it is recordkeeping, operations, or quality standards. Our technical writers and subject matter experts work in tandem to create unambiguous SOP documents, leveraging industry best practices to develop and improve your operations, while ensuring compliance with all regulatory bodies. 


We build effective employee training curriculum that satisfy all regulatory requirements and pull heavily from industry best practices providing both peace of mind, and optimized workflows that improve efficiencies giving you a cutting edge over competition. We work with you to implement the training curriculum, developing employees through easy to follow employee manuals and power point led orientations fully equipped with visual aids, hands on exercises, and quizzes to verify retention.


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