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Eve Farms: Excellence in Cannabis Compliance

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At Trellis, we have the pleasure of working with incredible companies at every level of the growing cannabis industry. In an emerging multi-billion dollar industry, almost every business can take advantage of seed-to-sale software, especially when cannabis compliance with state regulations is quickly becoming a vital component of work in the cannabis space. Today, we’re featuring a leader in cultivation, Eve Farms, a company that understands the value of maintaining proper cannabis compliance.

How Eve Farms Handles Their Cannabis Compliance Needs

Eve Farms is one of San Francisco’s premier cultivators, specializing in high-quality CBD strains. In fact, it would be difficult to name a cannabis cultivator on the West Coast that offers finer CBD-rich products than Eve Farms, and Trellis is proud to help out at every step of the process. Each bud is lovingly tended to, and their products are intended to treat patients who are greatly in need of pain relief. We took a trip to the Eve Farms’ cultivation center in San Francisco to catch up with their operation and learn how exactly how Trellis is used to improve such a crucial business.

What makes Eve Farms stand out from the rest? For one, Eve Farms places an emphasis on research and development as a rule, which already puts them ahead of most of the competition by giving the company a future-focused approach that consistently strives to make their products better. Furthermore, as a medical-oriented cultivator, Eve Farms is concerned primarily with quality rather than quantity, so each plant is given the attention it deserves before it’s harvested, packaged, and delivered to the consumer.

Before Trellis and other seed-to-sale solutions were developed, many businesses settled for more rudimentary tracking systems. In our interview with Jan, a compliance manager at Eve Farms, we learned that the company was primarily using Microsoft Word and Excel for record management — not the most efficient method. With Trellis, however, the endeavor of managing cannabis compliance, processing information, and distributing it to the required parties became a breeze, and almost the entire business now operates through the Trellis interface.

With Trellis inventory management, each part of the process is displayed in plain view, allowing many different variables to be seen and responded to simultaneously. For example, Eve Farms can use Trellis to track whenever a specific batch or plant is diseased or otherwise damaged, potentially averting disaster simply by notifying the managers present of any issues that might occur. While maintaining cannabis compliance is an important part of what Trellis does, ensuring that companies can prepare for strenuous circumstances is also an essential service that seed-to-sale software offers.

How Our System Works

Trellis transforms the entire process of cannabis compliance into one standardized, methodical system where every aspect of your business is available at your fingertips. In an age of complex regulations and increasing local and federal intervention in the cultivation process, having a program that is guaranteed to compile every required metric into one static place and distribute it to the proper authorities is more than a convenience — it’s a necessity.

With Trellis, your cannabis business becomes simple and secure. You can visit the Trellis website to see how exactly our software works, or request a demo from Trellis today.