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Trellis software was incubated inside of a cultivation facility just outside of Toronto where cultivators were dissatisfied with the tools available to manage their operations. The Trellis team observed all aspects of the cultivation process first hand and combined previous inventory management experience to design an intuitive system from the operators perspective.

After building an early prototype, Trellis expanded to California and launched a full seed-to-sale platform. Since then we have continued to work closely with our existing clients and international partners to solve the constantly developing pain points of the cannabis industry. With our offices in Toronto, Oakland, and Los Angeles, Trellis aims to provide a hands-on customer experience while continuously gathering feedback to improve the platform.

Trellis is currently available in multiple US and International markets.


Inventory Tracking
Manage cannabis inventory from cultivation to extraction and sale in a single, easy to use platform.
Trellis dynamic dashboarding provides real-time cultivation, manufacturing, and inventory updates.
Consolidate your purchases and generate customizable purchase orders to input your production costs
Manage every plant and batch throughout cultivation, including propagation, vegetation and flowering stages, with Trellis’ customizable framework.
Track wet, dry and trim yields to generate harvest batch manifests with precise moisture and yield loss data
Whether you are distilling, dekiefing or decarboxylating, Trellis can be adapted to your extraction workflow. With cost per gram functionality, you can optimize your manufacturing business.
Trellis tracks all your cannabis waste with unique disposal ID’s from collection to removal.
Chain of Custody
Maintain chain of custody records from seed-to-sale with two-factor authorizations and permission driven user profiles.
Create user-generated reports all of your inventory data including transfer logs, active & closed inventory, and yields

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