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Glass House Farms: A Leader in Cannabis Cultivation

cannabis cultivation compliance

One of the most rewarding aspects of our business is working with amazing clients. In the emerging adult use cannabis market, new manufacturers and distributors are rising to become leaders in the field, and Trellis is honored to be a part of so many success stories by providing crucial cannabis cultivation compliance services. This week, Trellis is featuring Glass House Farms, one of California’s premium cannabis manufacturers and one of our astute clients.

Glass House Farms produces packaged, high-quality cannabis for distribution at dispensaries across California. From Super Silver Haze to Sour Tangie to King Louie OG, Glass House Farms offer potent iterations of popular strains grown in luxurious conditions. Trellis traveled to Santa Barbara to catch up with Glass House Farms founder Graham about their operation and Trellis’s role in assisting with cannabis cultivation compliance.

Innovating the Cannabis Industry

One of the things that set Glass House Farms apart from other cannabis manufacturers is their innovative use of climate to create optimal growing conditions. In this video, Graham describes his operation as “sunlight indoor,” a hybrid of indoor and outdoor growing. While Glass House Farm’s indoor environment is tightly controlled, sunlight is utilized as a lighting source, resulting in OG-quality cannabis that can still be tuned to perfection.

California’s Elite Cannabis Cultivation Business

Graham and his crew take advantage of something known as the “Elite Growing System.” This system is battle tested and is the product of years of growing experience and expertise. It ensures that the plant is taking in the best nutrients possible in a cost-effective and all-natural way. No hormones, perfumes, or dyes will be found at this operation.

Powerful Marijuana Growing Supplies

Their unique combination of indoor and outdoor growing isn’t the only way that Glass House Farms is innovating, though. Here, Graham shows us his highly effective double-pot system. It consists of a top layer of the preferred cannabis growing medium, coco coir, which is paired with an aeroponic section located in between the two pots to deal with drainage.

Supplying the California Marijuana Industry

Finally, we asked Graham about how Trellis assists in the day-to-day management of his business. In the above video, Graham tells us about how his emphasis on efficiency and clean cannabis led him to the Trellis software. With Trellis, maintaining cannabis cultivation compliance and organizing every aspect of your cannabis business becomes easy through our smooth and intuitive seed-to-sale software.

Our Growing System

Trellis standardizes the process of cannabis cultivation and distribution to provide information to regulators every step of the way and allow businesses to manage their entire operation at a glance. Right now, many cannabis businesses exist in limbo when it comes to keeping their regulatory affairs in order; Trellis makes the endeavor simple, preparing your company for stricter and more consequential enforcement in the future and reducing any possibility of harsh fines or restrictions.

Trellis also offers a suite of tools and modules to pick up the slack on administering cannabis production. With detailed panels displaying vital metrics about every batch in your inventory – from mortality rate to strain type to average age of plants – keeping track of all facets of your business is straightforward and effortless. Comprehensive reports let you know exactly where inefficiencies in your operation lie and how to address them.

If you want to learn more about the seed-to-sale software provided in the video, contact us today and let us tell you exactly how we can meet your cannabis cultivation compliance needs.