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Cannabis Cultivation Trends: The Changing World of Cannabis Cultivation

cannabis cultivation

As cannabis growers have moved into the light of adult use legalization, the entire process of growing cannabis has developed and changed. Before legalization, many cannabis farms had to be completely hidden, and products specific to cannabis cultivation could not be marketed as such. In recent years, however, the advancement of the cannabis farming industry has been rapid and jarring; not only has overall cannabis yield increased over time, but the potency and quality of cannabis have increased too. There’s a reason why old-timers who haven’t smoked in years are always amazed by the power packed into modern cannabis.

Trellis has always aimed to stay ahead of the latest cannabis cultivation trends, and our goal is to inform you as well. Here are a few of the major recent or ongoing developments in cannabis cultivation.


With the advent of legalization has come huge revenues for cannabis companies, and huge revenues have attracted monster players to the industry. Companies currently involved in the manufacture and sale of alcohol and tobacco are natural speculators looking to make their mark in cannabis.

For example, Constellation Brands, the company that owns Corona among many other brands you can find in liquor stores across the country, recently decided to dip its hands into Canada’s legal cannabis industry with a $191 million investment. But that’s not even close to the end-game for major alcohol and tobacco manufacturers: the former CEO of Molson, one of the largest alcoholic beverage makers in North America, claims that soon all alcohol companies will be involved in the sale of cannabis.

As all of these massive companies begin to wade into the industry, expect equally massive growing operations to pop up. While a lot of cannabis gets grown today by mom-and-pop type operations, many smaller farms are going to get swamped by huge industrial complexes. There will still be a lot of room for luxury cannabis brands, but the sale of cannabis will change forever.

Seed-to-Sale Software

As regulators get involved in cannabis, keeping up with cannabis cultivation regulations can be difficult. In California, where adult use legalization was recently passed, every aspect of the growing process will eventually have to be accounted for by cannabis farmers. Luckily, there are software solutions out there now, such as Trellis, to help alleviate a lot of the burden of making pace with federal regulations.

cannabis cultivation

Trellis not only maintains all of the information that regulators want about your growing operation, but it’s also a comprehensive platform to optimize each stage of the growing process. Trellis offers cultivation and harvest modules that track vital metrics about your crop: the mortality rate and average age of your plants, the yield per plant or batch, the moisture loss of every batch, and much more. From start to finish, Trellis provides all-encompassing tools to assist at every level of your system.

Trellis is not the only company specializing in cannabis cultivation technology, though. Seed-to-sale software is sweeping the industry, and any business that doesn’t get themselves hooked into a system now is setting themselves up for punishment later. Eventually, the entire cannabis market will be using some form of seed-to-sale software to perform the vital task of maintaining their inventory and keeping records of every aspect of their business.

Growing Technology

As previously mentioned, the development of growing technology for cannabis has exploded in the past few years. Where there was once a barren market for cannabis growers looking for specific products to suit their needs, now several major companies have popped up, including Snoop Dogg himself with his line of Snoop’s Premium Nutrients.

The increased emphasis in the cannabis industry on developing new kinds of fertilizers and pesticides not only benefits growers but consumers as well. One of the major issues facing cannabis agriculture today is the danger posed by pesticides and other chemically-contaminated agricultural supplies. Recently, however, safer pesticides and fertilizers have been developed and many alternatives to toxic materials exist today.

Likewise, for the home-grower, many new and innovative personal growing tools are available on the market now. From high-tech LED lights to entire home cannabis cultivation systems, there are quite a few solutions available for the green-thumb cannabis consumer who wants to try their hand at raising their own supply.

Interested in comprehensive seed-to-sale software? Trellis has you covered — check out our website to see all that we do, or request a demo today.