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Trellis is Now an Approved CCA 3rd-Party Software Provider!

CCA reporting software

Trellis is making it even easier for California cannabis companies to stay compliant. On Thursday, January 17th, the California Cannabis Authority (CCA) announced that Trellis has been approved as a third-party provider for its monthly required data transmissions. Our new CCA reporting software integration for cannabis companies will make submitting the necessary cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution data even easier!

APPROVED: CCA Reporting Software Integration

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The CCA is tasked with collecting data from California counties into a statewide data platform to ensure that local governments can easily access the information they need to assess taxation, review product specifics, and monitor compliance.

Currently, Humboldt, Mendocino, Yolo, Inyo, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey Counties are signed up with the CCA. All cannabis companies within these counties are expected to submit the requisite data monthly in a specific format (similar to Metrc), adding another step into their process management systems.

Affected companies can send their information via a .csv file—or they can utilize approved third-party systems that have been approved for integration. By using a third-party platform like Trellis to submit CCA data, cannabis companies can ensure they are sending the appropriate data in the correct format.

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To date, four software providers have been approved—only three of which are focused on cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution. We are excited to be one of them and to continue to support the growth of California cannabis businesses.

The CCA is open to expanding its membership, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more California counties signing up to join its ranks. As it stands, localities that want to view the group’s data must become members and require the cannabis businesses within their borders to report to the CCA. As the CCA collects more data, it will likely be more enticing for surrounding counties to join and require reporting.

At Trellis, we understand that changing regulations and reporting standards can be a major pain point for cannabis companies. Our CCA reporting software integration simplifies the process for our clients so they can focus on running their operations.

More Than Just Cannabis Compliance Software

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The cannabis industry has its own learning curve—your seed-to-sale software and data reporting requirements shouldn’t present additional obstacles. Trellis, a user-friendly seed-to-sale software solution, aims to do more than just help companies stay compliant. Thanks to user input and first-hand knowledge of cultivation and inventory management, Trellis has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. We even offer a free demo so companies can get a feel for the software and determine whether it works for them.

With just one platform, cannabis companies can manage their inventory, track their processes, maintain chain of custody records, and create a variety of user-generated reports to help them better understand and grow their businesses.

Trellis’ CCA software integration is only the latest way we’re helping companies optimize their operations and stay compliant. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve and better support our clients. If you’re ready to maximize your company’s potential, request a demo today.