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Jetty Extracts – Good Vibes, Well Organized

Jetty Extracts - Good Vibes, Well Organized

Charging into the cannabis industry in 2013, Jetty Extracts offers patients high quality medicine and positive vibes. Staying uplifted in the face of the challenges of being a leader in California’s $20B cannabis industry is tough work. Jetty Extracts sought a solid data management solution backed by a caring customer service staff. They found that partner in Trellis.

Jetty Extract’s Lab Manager, Deanna Callahan, a veritable “Jacqueline of All Trades” who manages everything for Jetty Extracts from production, safety and compliance to procurement and inventory management, sat down with us to chat regulation, collaboration and killer waves.

Get to Know Jetty Extracts

In search of an easy way to consume cannabis before paddling into California’s famous waves, surf buddies Matt Lee and Ron Gershoni founded Jetty Extracts in 2013. Focusing heavily on research and development, the company produces high quality solvent-free cannabis extracts using CO2 extraction. The company prides itself on providing patients a safe, premium quality product consumed using cutting-edge vape technology.

At its core, Jetty Extracts is about the people. Both those that work there and the community. Lab Manager Deanna Callahan, notes “It might sound a little ‘hippy’ to some, but we even go so far as to imbue each batch with positive vibes and healing energy. This is in step with our mission to spread love and support our communities and the planet. After all, we’re leaders in an industry that’s always been about more than the bottom line. Cannabis culture is about consciousness and good health. We don’t use with cheap additives or fake terpenes. We don’t undercut the market in order to gain market share. From production to sales, every step we take is chosen because we’re committed to the planet, the farmers and our patients.”

Firm believers in the medical benefits of cannabis and supporters of legalization, Jetty Extracts donates 1% of gross sales to cannabis research and legal defense for those facing criminal charges for actions that don’t violate California law. The company’s Shelter Project provides cancer patients clean and safe medicinal cannabis oil at no cost to the patient. “It’s our mission to give back,” notes Callahan.

The Perils of Producing Premium Product Under Heavy Regulation

Even though medical cannabis has been legal in California since 1996, the state is only now regulating the industry. As one can imagine, this extremely complicated process involves the collaboration of governmental agencies, industry professionals and legal experts, not to mention the medical community.

Producing cannabis for sale today involves more than sunshine and soil. As California moves to regulate its $20B cannabis industry, it involves rigorous production methods and product testing to ensure safety. It means armored transport whenever product is moved during the production and sales cycle. It means compliance at every step of production. There’s a lot that can happen when many people touch the product. Add to that strict regulations, and you’ll see why companies in the cannabis industry are losing sleep at night.

“ Even with state licensing, this industry is still operating in a grey area since marijuana in any form is still federally illegal. Even if we are fully compliant with state laws, there is still an underlying risk of federal involvement. Operating in this grey zone is risky and quite challenging. The best we can do is adhere to the State and Local regulations. These regulations are ever evolving. In many ways this is a compliance industry. If you don’t stay in the know, you will fall behind. Keeping up with regulations is exhausting, confusing and a full time job. Producing great product for our patients drives us to push the envelope. To do that, we have to be tightly organized and clearly communicate up-to-the-minute information across departments.”

“We tried other seed-to-sale platforms,” said Callahan, “but we were never satisfied. No one seemed to provide the solutions we needed. Honestly, we didn’t even quite know exactly what we needed. At the time, we were trying to put the responsibility of inventory tracking in the hands of a single team member. That didn’t work for us. Other seed-to-sale platforms provided terrible customer service when we asked for help with implementation. We had a great deal of trouble setting up their software and figuring out how to adjust our procedures to allow fluent use of their system.”

Additional woes like poor customer service, poor user interface and an inability to archive records led Callahan and her team to take a crack at developing an in house system. “That was a nightmare!”

“Trellis Helped Us Win!”

“Then we met the Trellis team, it was like a breath of fresh air, these guys are truly dedicated to providing top notch customer support. They were with us every step of the way through implementation. They also had some great ideas that improved our processes. Trellis introduced us to the idea that inventory is better tracked by multiple people as it moves through the production process and into sales inventory! Everyone that plays a role in production is responsible for recording the changes they are making to inventory in Trellis.” Being able to manage inventory from seed-to-sale simplified production and allowed Jetty Extracts to focus on what matters most to them: producing clean, high quality medicine. “Trellis took the guesswork out of production. Finally, our team has the ability to thoroughly track every aspect of the extraction process a nd get valuable analytics out of the software that helps us to fine tune our methods for yield optimization.”

From the demands of regulation to the pressures of marketplace, Jetty Extracts knew they had to stay on target if they wanted to remain industry leaders. “When you first start up with any inventory management software, it can be overwhelming. Any smart producer knows, there is so much to consider,” said Callahan.

“Luckily, Trellis provides exceptional customer service,” Callahan continued. “From their CEO to their customer support team, Trellis has and continues to provide the highest quality customer support from setup to execution. We can tell they really value our input. They’ve even inserted ideas we’ve shared about the platform into their roadmap. It’s great to work with a company who not only listens to the client but also implements their ideas. We didn’t have that before.”

“Now, it’s just exciting!”

For Jetty Extracts, Trellis’s seed-to-sale tracking solution has provided tighter control allowing them to produce better product from cycle-to-cycle. Leveraging Trellis’s platform has helped Jetty Extracts achieve greater efficiency and lowered production costs.

“We’ve improved production methods, optimizing our yields. Moreover, we’ve become better aligned with regulations. Trellis has integrated several of our feature requests into their software . They are always coming up with new and innovative ideas with each update. Every release feels like a gift packed with dope new features! What will they think of next?”

“Now, it’s just exciting!”


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