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CCA reporting software

Trellis is Now an Approved CCA 3rd-Party Software Provider!

Trellis is making it even easier for California cannabis companies to stay compliant. On Thursday, January 17th, the California Cannabis Authority (CCA) announced that Trellis has been approved as a third-party provider for its monthly required data transmissions. Our new CCA reporting software integration for cannabis companies will make submitting the necessary cultivation, manufacturing, and […]
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cannabis compliance leaves

Eve Farms: Excellence in Cannabis Compliance

At Trellis, we have the pleasure of working with incredible companies at every level of the growing cannabis industry. In an emerging multi-billion dollar industry, almost every business can take advantage of seed-to-sale software, especially when cannabis compliance with state regulations is quickly becoming a vital component of work in the cannabis space. Today, we’re […]
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cannabis cultivation compliance

Glass House Farms: A Leader in Cannabis Cultivation

One of the most rewarding aspects of our business is working with amazing clients. In the emerging adult use cannabis market, new manufacturers and distributors are rising to become leaders in the field, and Trellis is honored to be a part of so many success stories by providing crucial cannabis cultivation compliance services. This week, […]
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cannabis cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation Trends: The Changing World of Cannabis Cultivation

As cannabis growers have moved into the light of adult use legalization, the entire process of growing cannabis has developed and changed. Before legalization, many cannabis farms had to be completely hidden, and products specific to cannabis cultivation could not be marketed as such. In recent years, however, the advancement of the cannabis farming industry […]
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cannabis compliance

Cannabis Compliance: One of the Most Important Innovations In Cannabis Technology

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry and Cannabis compliance is one of the most important emerging trends in cannabis technology today. Whereas just a few decades ago, the entire market was still underground, carried out through dealers and other illicit vendors, today there is a highly professional industry of cannabis companies emerging across the recreationally […]
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420 games

Meet the 420 Games Competition That Wants to Change the Perception of Cannabis

For a long time, cannabis has been stigmatized in the sporting world. Even though many professional athletes skirt the rules, most major leagues today ban the use of cannabis among their players and impose draconian punishments for those who step out of line. While the tide of popular opinion has shifted in favor of cannabis […]
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Join Us in Exploring the Future of Cannabis at the New West Summit, Oct. 13-15, Oakland, CA

Join Us in Exploring the Future of Cannabis at the New West Summit, Oct. 13-15, Oakland, CA

We’re excited! On October 13-15 in Oakland, Trellis will be at the New West Summit, joining industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs exploring “what’s next” for marketing, media, technology, non-profits, venture-backed startups, publicly traded companies and crowd-funded ventures taking on the new world of legal cannabis. What is the next level for cannabis mobile apps? What […]
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