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Trellis Seed to Sale Software: Australia

Drive growth and sales with a seed to sale solution specifically created for the cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry is a unique sector. While spreadsheets and workflow software can help manage the various processes that cultivators, producers, and distributors use, they can also create more work. Using a seed to sale software for Australia that was created to meet the specific needs of cannabis companies is essential for managing efficiency and identifying opportunities. No more trying to shove a square peg in a round hole!

Trellis, a seed to sale software for Australian cultivators, producers, and distributors, helps cannabis companies manage every step of their workflow processes with ease. Not only can you create custom reports and generate required compliance reporting, with Trellis, you can also track yields, extraction workflows, and products in every stage of the process. Trellis’s ability to provide workflow overviews makes it easier to spot opportunities for growth and make the most of your cannabis business.

Crafted in partnership with a Canadian cultivator, Trellis was designed with firsthand knowledge of the needs of cannabis companies. Our goal is to provide cannabis companies with the insights they need to run and grow their operations. To do this, Trellis was engineered to be both user-friendly and robust. Plus, we’re constantly working to improve our clients’ experience by implementing new features to assist with productivity and tracking.

Don’t waste more time trying to adapt software to your needs—get a seed to sale software solution that was created just for you.

Whether you’re a grower, a producer, or a distributor, Trellis Seed to Sale software for Australia can help you streamline your processes, manage your growth, and implement solutions. Ready to learn more? Request a demo now to get started!

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