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Trellis Seed to Sale Software: Jamaica

To properly serve Jamaican medical cannabis patients and ensure their operations are compliant, cannabis cultivators, producers, and distributors must precisely track a variety of variables. The best way to manage every stage of cultivation, production, and distribution is to put in place an agile seed-to-sale tracking solution that works within Jamaican legal requirements.

With Trellis Seed to Sale Software for Jamaica, you can create the reports you need to make the most out of every yield. Due to regulations and mandatory reporting, it’s not enough to track metrics in a spreadsheet or other retail software. While it can help for a while, it’s a stopgap measure that fails to provide the insight into your operation that you need to make informed choices. Using a tool specifically created to assist cultivators, producers, and distributors is the key to addressing the unique concerns your business must deal with.

Trellis does more than generate reports, however. It’s also a process management and compliance solution, providing workflow overviews and everything else you need to make your business as simple, intuitive, and profitable as possible.

Crafted in partnership with a cultivator, Trellis was designed to be user-friendly and goal-oriented from the beginning. By seeing firsthand the needs of cannabis companies, we have been able to create a robust seed to sale solution that truly serves cannabis companies. To ensure our seed to sale software for Jamaica offers the features our client’s need most, we are constantly upgrading and investigating potential features to enhance usability and productivity.

If you’re growing cannabis, producing cannabis products, or distribution cannabis, Trellis can help you manage your processes so you can more easily spot growth opportunities and focus on the issues that matter to your business. Make the most of your business — request a demo to get started now!

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