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Seed to Sale Software Los Angeles: Making Compliance Easier

Trellis is more than just seed to sale software for Los Angeles cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors. It’s a process management and compliance solution that helps provide workflow overviews and real-time reporting.

The cannabis industry is both unique and heavily regulated. Most process management and inventory control platforms simply don’t cover the breadth and nuance necessary for accurate reporting. While using a spreadsheet or opting for a software from a different industry can help manage some of the information flow, it doesn’t help provide insight into operations or allow for more in-depth oversight.

After identifying the need for a cannabis-specific solution, Trellis formulated its intuitive seed to sale platform with a Toronto based Licensed Producer. By learning about their pain points and needs, we were able to address concerns such as managing the growing process, accurate inventory management, harvest data, and more. Now, Trellis offers in-depth management of workflows and data for cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors.

Since its inception, Trellis has focused solely on helping cannabis companies achieve success through data and process management. Our user-friendly interfaces and dashboards make cannabis seed to sale management in Los Angeles simpler. We continue to work with California cannabis companies to ensure our seed to sale software for Los Angeles provides the features and benefits they need.

In addition, Trellis is both Metrc approved and only one of four CCA-approved third-party reporting platforms. Our CCA reporting integration ensures that should LA County join the CCA, you’ll be able to easily send the required monthly reports.

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