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Cannabis Solutions: Seed to Sale Software Michigan

Trellis Michigan seed to sale software offers cannabis companies an industry-leading, all-in-one solution for managing and tracking the processes that matter.

Whether you’re a Michigan cannabis cultivator, manufacturer, or distributor, Trellis’s unique platform can help you manage and analyze the various processes that keep your business running smoothly.

Additionally, with real-time reporting, you can quickly generate the compliance information you need to meet current Michigan cannabis regulations and stay on top of your workflow. As a metrc-approved third-party reporting software, Trellis helps cannabis companies easily submit their required reports and track all necessary components.

Trellis was built with the cannabis industry in mind. We partnered with cannabis cultivators and other operators to identify their needs and capture their workflows. By working directly with cultivators and learning about their day-to-day operations, we’ve created tools that make processes simpler and more transparent. Trellis allows cultivators to track everything from propagation to flowering to harvest and all the steps in between.

Since then, we’ve added additional features for manufacturers and distributors to track extraction, disposal, purchasing, and more to help with both efficiency and compliance.

At Trellis, our goal is to simplify cannabis seed to sale management in Michigan with intuitive and comprehensive tools. Our seed to sale software helps cannabis companies meet their everyday workflow needs while staying compliant. It’s that easy.

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