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Seed to Sale Software Oakland: Manage Processes with Ease

Streamline your processes and make compliance easier with a quality seed to sale software in Oakland.

Trellis provides Oakland cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors with process management and accountability tools that provide in-depth insight into workflows. Our user-friendly interface simplifies everything from data entry to real-time report generation.

Trellis' history of collaboration began in a growing operation outside Toronto, Canada. We worked directly with cultivators to create essential tools that made their processes simpler and more transparent, so they could track everything from propagation to harvest and all the small steps in between.

Since then, we’ve expanded our seed to sale software to include extraction workflow tracking, chain of custody reporting, and more. Our dashboards make it easy to see what’s happening in your cannabis company and generate the reports you need to manage your day-to-day operations or for compliance.

Looking for cannabis seed to sale management in Oakland? Trellis not only serves Metrc enabled cannabis companies, but we're also a CCA-approved third-party reporting provider. When you choose our Oakland cannabis compliance solution, you’ll be able to easily send the monthly required reports to the CCA once Alameda County joins the organization.

Your seed to sale software in Oakland should easily integrate into your operations. Whether you're growing organic cannabis plants, creating one-of-a-kind cannabis products, or distributing products, Trellis can help you better manage your processes so you can identify growth opportunities and focus on what matters to your business.

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