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Trellis Seed to Sale Software: Toronto

Trellis is a creator and provider of seed to sale software for Toronto cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and distributors, but we do more than that. In addition to providing best-in-class cannabis-focused tools, Trellis is a standalone management and compliance solution providing workflow overviews, real-time reporting, and everything else you need to make your business as simple and profitable as possible.

While the cannabis field shares common roots with other botanical industries, its regulatory requirements make it completely unique. It entails specific and precise reporting demands, and most process management and inventory control systems aren’t capable of providing the level of detail needed. While adapting software or spreadsheets from other industries can help manage processes and information, they’re limited, and typically fail to provide crucial insights into your operations or allow a more comprehensive overview.

Our interest in cannabis-specific solutions began when we partnered with a licensed producer based in Toronto. Working hand-in-hand, we learned on the job how to create tools to make their processes simpler, faster and more intuitive. We felt their pain points right alongside them, and we were able to address their real-life concerns like managing the growing process, instituting precise inventory management, and collecting harvest data: All the steps needed to keep a complex and heavily regulated operation humming.

Since then, we've steadily expanded our cannabis seed to sale software to match real users' needs. You’ll find such features as extraction workflow tracking, chain of custody reporting, and many more. As always, our focus is on keeping our tools user-friendly, intuitive and simple to use.

Trellis makes reporting easy. Create internal documentation to help with scaling, process management, or auditing, or generate reports for Health Canada — Trellis helps you remain compliant thanks to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive data collection.

Whether you're growing cannabis plants from seed, creating unique cannabis products or distributing within the cannabis industry, Trellis can help you better manage your processes so that you can identify growth opportunities and focus on what matters most to your business.

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