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Trellis creates and provides seed to sale software for Vancouver cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and distributors. But we do a good deal more than that: Over and above providing fleet-footed, cannabis-focused tools, Trellis is a standalone process management and compliance solution. Our best-in-class software provides workflow overviews, real-time reporting, and everything else you need to make running your business simple, intuitive and profitable.

The cannabis industry is unique. Due to its specific regulatory demands, generic process management and inventory control platforms aren’t able to provide the level of detail necessary for accurate reporting. While some producers adopt software or spreadsheets from other industries to help manage processes and information, these tools too often fail to provide crucial insights into your operations, or allow a more complete overview.

Our focus on cannabis-specific solutions began when we partnered with a Toronto-based licensed producer. We learned in the field by working together to create tools to make their processes simpler, faster and more lightweight. This real-world experience was invaluable, allowing us to address the concrete concerns—managing the grow process, instituting accurate inventory management, and collecting harvest data, among other steps—required to keep a complex operation on track.

Since then, we’ve continued to expand our cannabis seed to sale software with user-friendly and innovative features including extraction workflow tracking, chain of custody reporting and others.

No matter the size and scale of your operation, our focus is always on the end-user experience. Trellis serves Metrc-enabled cannabis companies, making it easy to send in all necessary reporting to Health Canada or create your own internal documentation.

Whether you’re growing cannabis from seed, creating distinctive cannabis products, or distributing to the cannabis industry, Trellis can help you better manage your processes so you can identify growth opportunities and focus on what matters most to your business.

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