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Trellis Takes on California’s $20B Cannabis Industry With Help from CDMN

Trellis Takes on California’s $20B Cannabis Industry With Help from CDMN


CDMN’s Soft Landing Program helps Canadian companies go global

September 1, 2017, OAKLAND, CA – Trellis – www.trellisgrows.com – is honored to participate in the Canadian Digital Media Network’s (CDMN) Soft Landing program as part of the summer 2017 cohort to help forge the partnerships and connections it needs for international expansion.

As a pioneer in the fast-growing cannabis market, Trellis leverages technology to help enterprises optimize operations and prepare for upcoming regulations in the US market. The company’s enterprise platform will allow cannabis-based enterprises to fully comply with US and Canadian inventory management and security requirements.

“California’s cannabis industry alone has been valued above $20 billion US Dollars. We focus is on developing industry tools that help clients manage their cannabis inventory, simplify their compliance processes and support the production of safe, optimum quality product,” said company founder and CEO, Pranav Sood.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by CDMN to participate in their Soft Landing Program. CDMN’s support, along with the stellar efforts of our strong team of beta clients, investors and advisors, put into action core values like collaboration and exploration in which Trellis believes,” Mr. Sood continued.

CDMN’s Soft Landing program helps mature startups and SMEs kickstart their international growth by helping them access a foreign market. For a period of up to three months, the participating company can take up residence in a partnered facility that provides the regional support required to help grow its business, as well as receiving up to $4,000 in travel and accommodation costs.

“The Soft Landing program has already resulted in millions of dollars in new business and investment for our participating companies and generated more than a 30x return on CDMN’s investment of funds and resources,” said Avvey Peters, CDMN’s Managing Director. “International expansion is more important than ever as a driver of wealth and job creation for the Canadian economy. Our success to date demonstrates the tremendous impact that even a modest investment in global business development can have.”

The Soft Landing program runs three times a year and companies must meet a range of criteria, including having a technology product or service that is market ready and has foreign market potential. Read our Soft Landing page for more information.

About Trellis

Trellis provides a seed-to-sale inventory management platform for the cannabis industry. Trellis uses its proprietary technology to optimize operational work flows and ensure regulatory compliance. Trellis is committed to evolving the industry and leverages its powerful API to integrate third party logistics, POS and state compliance software, offering customers the most robust cannabis management software platform. Leading cannabis brands in California and Canada rely on Trellis for their inventory compliance needs. Trellis is on the forefront of the cannabis industry and continues to leverage its expertise to provide a first-in-class cannabis management solution. To learn more about Trellis, visit www.trellisgrows.com.

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Pranav Sood, CEO



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